Monday, April 18, 2011

Moving Day--After the Fact

Friday past was the Big Day, but I woke on Friday to find that the hail of the night before had knocked out my DSL wireless for the day... and AT&T was discontinuing my service at the old place and initiating my service at the new place (supposedly!).

Most of the day I spent loading my car for the ultimate move, as well as cleaning surfaces of the furniture to be moved. Mr. Z and his three guys showed at 5:30 (3 hours late!) but loaded everything in 45 minutes. We drove to the new place, they unloaded and drove away...

I have been in the new place since then. Lovely, large space with light and air. My two brief trips to the old apartment reminded me that it was dark, tiny, and that moving was a great idea, despite being in the middle of the semester and overlapping so that I had to pay double rents.

Of course, AT&T threw a spanner in the works: despite having an appointment for 8 pm to hook up my DSL, their technician turned up at 1:52... leaving a chiding note for me. Sigh. On Saturday morning I called and after 45 minutes managed to find someone to schedule a new appointment--for Saturday afternoon.

Should I tell you?

Right: the technician never showed, never called, and when I called AT&T's customer service number at 7 pm to say he hadn't shown up, their customer service was closed. For the weekend.

Despite that, I love the quiet new place. Jack loves the quiet new place: more space, more birds, more dogs, more smells. More windows: he likes to run from window to window, sniffing and surveying. Very successful for him.

So 2011 goal #1 is complete: my living situation has resolved itself in a big, new apartment. I have a few weeks of overlap/cleaning/selling via Craigslist, and then... we're completely done. Joy, oh joy!

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