Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Frugal Tuesday: May 5, 2011

This week I spent a lot--being the first week of the month, I had what I call a "Big Shop" at Target to add to my usual grocery stuff.

Saved: $32.55... but I spent $200.00 between Target ($156.53), groceries ($30) and Sunday breakfast ($10). I also used my last $5 gift card at Target.

What did I buy at Target: $60 worth of gift cards as gifts for my student directors in the recent project. They don't even get class credit, and they put in about 30 hours of rehearsal plus prep time; it's my thank you. $37 in patio furniture for the new place: 2 chairs at $10 each and a table at $17. Not bad for giving me a place to have my morning coffee and late afternoon wine with a friend. Bonus: the cheaper chairs were more appealing than the rest, and I could splurge on the table. Another $40 in things for the new place as I move, including new towels (on sale), cleaning supplies, storage items (on sale), and string (half the old towels are going to Goodwill this week, and the other half once I am completely moved).

I had to grit my teeth when I added it up, but decided I had done a pretty fair job of buying things that both appealed and were cost effective. I passed on a couple of things I wanted until they go on sale at Target or I can drive up to Ikea. I am really struggling not to use the new place as an excuse to buy stuff... which is my usual modus operandi.

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