Thursday, March 31, 2011

Being noticed but not Eccentric

Yesterday Duchesse invited readers to offer clothing or accessories for us 40/50-something women who want "Clothes that get you Noticed" while avoiding "advanced eccentricity." I prowled Etsy for some handmade items by entrepreneurs--here are some results.

Warning: I got a little carried away.

Milo Creative Studios: lots of delicious things here.

Mia, wrap top at $78

Marnie, stretch top at $58

Lirola: located in Israel, this shop features dresses and tops with soft shaping.

Wrap Dress, $98

Soft Cowl Dress, $95

Tuhkimo Shawls: hand-crocheted shawl-cardigans, available in multiple colors at $167. I don't know why I picked this shot--the others, with brighter colors and better angles on the cardigan were obviously better.

Custome: a dressmaker from Shanghai.

Brown Cotton Dress, $59
Red Flax Coat, $79

Wild Ginger Silk: scarves and shawls that are amazingly dyed!

Cobalt and Plum, $75

Cobalt Cardigan, $80

yy studio: stunning couture-style suits, coats, blouses, skirts... simply delightful!

Black White Wool Lace Skirt, $166.60

Pure Cashmere Retro Lady Coat, $398

brightstreet: embellished sweaters

Forget Me Not, $39.00
Prairie Girl Couture: From Alberta, organic cotton clothing.

The Juliet Tank, $44.00

Silvia66: hand-knitted sweaters from Italy, and this one I featured before:

White, $250

Any of these things would work for us 40/50-something woman without either shrieking to the heavens "Look at me!!!!!!" or relegating us to "Quietly on the Shelf." They also have the virtue (for me) of being affordable, handmade, and unique; living in a town where the chain store is worshipped, the last one is especially relevant. Each shop also presents the work of an independent designer-artisan-crafter, which is again important to me.


  1. I have to say, I love that ochre yellow cardigan. Nice choices!

  2. I love the shawl and several of the dresses!


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