Thursday, March 10, 2011

Express Checkout Experiment -- Tough Week!

Like everything else during the past 10 days, my wardrobe has fallen on hard times. Especially since I've had to dress up every night (and twice on Saturdays!) to greet audiences and conduct talkbacks. This has demonstrated to me that I need to have a solid, 20-piece wardrobe with no holes in it for such an event.


Black dress.

This dress--picture it in black--was purchased two months ago as a replacement dress. It has been fabulous! I have worn it to the theatre 4 nights during the 12-night event, dressed up with different accessories and shoes. Not only do I look put together in a great way, but I received complements from colleagues and students (some with surprise in their voices!) at my great look. 

The dress washes and dries overnight--perfect for laundry-challenged folks--and can go with anything. The neckline is perfect for me, and in petite sizes works for my height. I am considering buying a second, in either the plum or the red. Simple, elegant, and useful.

Black pants.

I bought these pants a while ago and they are great. Unfortunately, the company is discontinuing them; I bought two new pair as a precaution. I can dress them up or down, match them with nearly anything, and they are a wonderful multi-season fabric I love. They are dressy enough for the "event" but casual enough that I can wear them with nearly everything I own.

Black turtleneck. I have two: one lightweight spandex fabric that goes well under sweaters and one cashmere that stands alone. I have been alternating them, layering jackets and sweaters and shawls over them.

What I have discovered: when I have several days without extra time, the rest of my wardrobe falls apart. My red silk top is frayed under the arm, where I don't believe it can be repaired. My striped trousers need a hem repair. Black ponte skirt, ditto. My white shirt lost a cuff button. Jeans can only be worn (by my figuring) for casual matinees, and they're past. Crisp cotton shirts can only be worn once, then must be washed... a task for tomorrow afternoon. And, frankly, standing onstage under bright lights makes me conscious of each outfit in a new way (which I think if actually good... but not this week!). I have been and continue to work my jackets (over the black trousers and turtleneck), but it feels stretched thin by day 10.

Tonight and tomorrow are the last days; we have strike after tomorrow's show, so I will wear jeans to that event (with a nice jacket and turtleneck). Tonight: black pants, black thin turtleneck, and green raw silk  jacket (from Paris) with black boots and gold jewelry.

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