Thursday, March 31, 2011

20-Piece Wardrobe -- Seasonal Changes

I am wondering how this will work -- my 20-piece wardrobe -- in spring/summer Dallas, because the heat is so gruesome that either I will have to launder more frequently (not a terrible idea, since I now have a washer-dryer in house) or radicalize my thinking... not my strongest suit.

Here's a first pass:
  1. white button-front shirt (same as cold weather)
  2. blue button-front shirt (same as cold weather)
  3. pink linen shirt
  4. green linen shirt
  5. aqua linen shirt
  6. peach linen shirt
  7. white embroidered tunic
  8. white v-neck tunic
  9. white tunic with blue embroidery
  10. t-shirts
  11. black cardigan
  12. red cardigan
  13. jeans (same as cold weather)
  14. linen trousers (black)
  15. linen capris (black with flowers)
  16. linen trousers (tobacco)
  17. steel blue gored skirt
  18. rust gored skirt
  19. red/batik wrap skirt
  20. black polka dot dress
T-shirts encompass a category with mostly white, gray, and black tissue-weight t's that go under or with everything. The linen shirts (as you can see) should constitute a category, as I have about 6, all the same style, in summery shades: they, too, fulfill a variety of needs as regular shirts or overshirts for freezing-cold malls and theatres. Because summer is mostly non-teaching time, I need clothes I can wear around the house daily as well as out.

To accessorize, I have summer shoes (flat silvery sandals, 1" heeled black sandals, ditto in brown, 2" heeled black, 2.5" heeled nude open-toe pumps, ditto in red), lightweight jackets in white and khaki, a linen jacket in black, a red denim jacket, hats, and, as usual, lots and lots of scarves and wraps.

Some of my don'ts, based on figure and personal choice: no shorts, no sleeveless items, no minis. I can do capri pants, but because I am short, most capris come to my ankles--fine with flats.
Again, in summer here, the heat is gruesome outdoors, while the indoors is freezing. Any wardrobe has to reflect this. I include cardigans, lightweight jackets, and shawls for theatres, malls, and restaurants. I also add color in summer, bright sherbet colors, which my winter wardrobe doesn't have. In the new apartment, I have a closet that I can use for just the 20-piece wardrobe, which makes everything even easier. It will also enable me to give away or sell everything else, which is currently residing (and unused) in the smaller closet. Of course, I can also store the winter part of this wardrobe in there.

I am also thinking about the closet in general: I would love to paint the interiors, make them more colorful. I saw a picture of one that was a bright turquoise inside, with white shelves. Pretty stunning. And it would beat the slightly dingy white that resides in there now. A nice apple green would be good, too. I found a wonderful shelf liner paper that is apple gree with a white paisley pattern: very nice!

A painted closet would look something like this:


  1. what a beautiful closet...and an interesting focal point for a room. You have much more linen in wardrobe than I can tolerate. The wrinkle factor troubles me.

  2. Yes, summer is the only time I iron--and in the new apt., I will have room to do iron in style. I use spray starch and scented ironing spray. Only the shirts, though--I let the pants wrinkle, as it's going to happen no matter what...


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