Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coffeemaker Debate

Hola! I need advice.

While I bought my dream coffeemaker a couple of years ago, I am now unsatisfied wiht the quality of my monring coffee. Yes, I use filtered water. Yes, I use high quality ground coffee. Yes, I keep the unit cleaned and replace the water filtering device inside. But the coffee still has a flat flavor when it comes out.

This is it, my dream machine (this isn't a picture of my actual one, but the same make and model).

I have been thinking about buying the same kind of Senseo coffeemaker that I had while on sabbatical.

This is a pod coffeemaker but a lot less fancy than most of the ones on sale right now. Basically, it gives you one espresso cup (one pod) or one mug (two pods) per use.

Pros: I found that rather than drinking three mugs in the morning, I was satisfied with one mug full of deep, rich flavor. (For me, coffee is all about the flavor, not the buzz, which I don't get. Yeah, I am addicted to caffeine but immune to the effects, nearly always. Weird.) I would stop buying Starbucks (or anyone else's) ground coffee.

Cons: Pods create more waste. Pods for this have to be ordered because my local grocery stores don't carry them. (Pro: Amazon has a subscripton service that I could set to 2-month regular delivery at a discount: never think about it again!). I won't be able to make a thermos to take to work, so might end up buying coffee there later in the day (which I do now, anyway).

My dilemma is this: is it a financal waste to buy a new coffeemaker when the one I have works fine and the coffee, while not great, has been okay? Is there a solution to the current machine that I am overlooking?

My gut says, buy it and sell the other one. Get yourself some great coffee. My head says, yo! save the money! Now and later, with the pods.

And I found a machine on Amazon at 45% discount off an already discounted price... Help?


  1. I am not enthusiastic about coffeemakers and am not convinced about the taste of that coffee.
    Since ever I use the italian "Bialetti". You get it in the US (have a look at their homepage), it's cheap and the taste of the coffee ist wonderful. You even can make your own "Crema" with a fork and a bit of sugar in the cup). In the morning I have mine as "lungo" (with Soymilk which has a bit brown sugar in it ). Wonderful!
    Each italian household uses only Bilatti, never ever an coffemaker like these one.
    I highly recommend this simple little thing.

  2. The problem with your Cuisinart or other electric drip coffeemakers is that the water doesn't get hot enough to properly extract the oils from the coffee grounds. For regular coffee, I've switched to a simple Melitta plastic one-cup cone (sits right on top of your mug), which can be used either with the paper filters or a gold reuseable one. Boil water, pour over the grounds, et voila! A lot of people love their French Presses too (same principle) but there's more cleanup involved.

    For espresso/cappucino, I have a Nespresso machine which uses their proprietary pods. These are a pain to clean out for recycling, but the quality of the espresso is great.

  3. I found your blog through miss minimalist, so my opinion is you should get a french press. It's simple, doesn't require filters, and makes great coffee (in my opinion.) My roommate has a coffee grinder, so it's even better.


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