Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Writing in April: 100 pages in 30 days

I just signed up for something called "Script Frenzy." The challenge is to write 100 pages in 30 days: so every day in April, I need to write between 3 and 5 pages, which will certainly get me on track with my current play.

This is not to say that the pages will be great, but my basic goal is to GET IT DONE! Have a completed script between 90 and 100 pages by April 30, with the summer to get it in better shape.

And I'll get a certificate!

The point is that I need to get myself back on track as a writer, now that my students' work is completed and up. I am incredibly motivated right now, and this seems a very good notion. I like routine: settling in to work at the same time, under the same conditions, with the same music playing.

Here's a sidenote: yesterday I was talking to my master class students (the senior undergraduates who just finished their reading project) and told them about this as an opportunity to start the new project they claim to want to write. They asked what was the pay-off--and hearing that simply completing 100 pages in 30 days was it, they shrugged it off as something they "could do anyway." When I asked if it would motivate them to write this new project they are all kicking at me about, they blinked at me. Ah, to be young!

I wish I had their confidence in a writer's discipline. Like, mine!

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