Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break, Day Seven

Yesterday was a big day! But today...

10 am -- car inspected (yeah, didn't happen yesterday!)
10:30 am -- feed friend's cat
11 am -- Target (new apartment stuff)
1230 pm -- Load #4 to new apartment; take time to vacuum, dust, wipe
2 pm -- work at home!

Ok, yesterday: had the phone interview (my first in a while) and thought it went well. We'll see. In any case, it was fun and fast: a committee of about 8 with 5 questions, plus my own.

Then I submitted a monologue to one site and a short play to another. In each case, I spent about an hour revising the piece before submitting it.

Then packed up the car and went off to new place to unload. Every little bit helps, as they say!

This is not a glamourous stay-cation, but so far has been productive. Moving, interview, submitting plays, cleaning, and getting the car in A-1 shape. plus sleeping, reading, napping, and catching up on TV.

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