Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekly Frugality Report

Not too bad.

Downside: I managed to acquire another ticket, but one that goes away once I show up at court with confirmation of my 2011 inspection (tomorrow's to do list).

Upside: spent $108.79 at drugstore and grocery store; saved $30.28 on coupons and sale items.

Yesterday, I ate lunch with one friend and paid (she misplaced her debit card) and had dinner with another (this time I mislaid my card, but had a $20, which paid for 2/3 of my share). This is officially week two of the month, and I am admittedly behind. However, I still have a pantry full of stuff, a freezer full of stuff, and a fridge full of slowly aging stuff.

Plus, I may have come up with a way to salvage my summer class, I've started to put my 2010 taxes in order for Tax Man visit, and consignment and vintage visits are on my calendar for this week... Hopefully that will translate into money in my pocket. Whoo-hoo!

Update: Just "bought" 6 new books on Audible.com with my 6 credits (I pay monthly and earn 1 credit per month). I also "earned" $10 in credit for downloading 4 or more books... which means I can "buy" 2 $4.50 titles. Three books are on my "to read" list for 2011, and 3 more are catch-up titles in the J.D.Robb series. In any case, lots of music for biking and treadmill/gym time.

I've also earned a few more dollars at eBates this week, by buying online; this is a great site to save even more when buying frugally online (like at drugstore.com!).

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