Thursday, March 24, 2011

Express Checkout Experiment--Uh-Oh

This week, post-Spring Break, has been a bit of a failure in the "dress me" area.

Both class days, I fell back on old uniform of jeans, button-up cotton shirt (Monday blue, Wednesday white), boots, and socks. Not even interesting accessories were selected.

Tuesday, I went out in yoga wear, given that I was going straight from haircut to yoga to moving a carload into new apartment.  At least the clothes were all clean: that's my disclaimer.

A couple of things occur to me. First, possibly an excuse, moving has disrupted my regular rituals of dressing. Now, a closet full of things (not my 20 items, of course) are at the other place, waiting on my actual installation. Second, the weather is topsy-turvy, moving from a muggy hot day to a cooler, windy day. That always leaves me wondering what will actually work out for all-day wear, even indoors.

These are small issues, which will be dealt with by time and the certainty of the coming Texas summer.

Larger issues are these: first, working out of the house (and thus having a set schedule) only two days weekly is not good for my wardrobe. Second, I hate Texas summer and the switch to summer clothes, primarily because I am overweight and embarrassed to expose that with lighter, barer clothes.

Both are workable issues with solutions. (Except that  will continue to hate Texas summers: ugh! Worst weather I've ever lived in!) What both pointed me to was that I am actually now in the middle of the move--living 'twixt and 'tween and that is having a bad effect on my moods.

I am a nester, despite my consistent living in apartments, and having effectively relinquished this apartment and not being yet into the new one is a negative situation for me. So, yay, self-awareness... now get this wagon train moving!

And I've got to switch out 20 winter pieces for 20 summer ones.

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  1. As someone who loves Paris and the finer things you must hate those kind of checkouts.


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