Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break, Day Four

Planned schedule:
  • 630 am -- writing, email, blogging
  • 10:30 -- feed friend's cat, laundry, Target run (pick up things I forgot yesterday and Sunday--yikes!)
  • 12 noon -- yoga
  • 1:30 pm -- load car for move, including vacuum, cleaning supplies
  • 2 pm -- move #1 load into new apartment + clean + photograph new apartment just for you!
  • 5 pm -- feed friend's cat, then dinner out
Other: editing/annotating student work, de-cluttering study, May project. Reading. Napping.

Catching up on Day Three: yesterday I got lots on the schedule except the car's inspection. I had the idea I couldn't get the car inspected at the same place I get all my garage needs fulfilled... and I was right: my car is so old their equipment won't work on it (think about it!). So inspection will take a second stop.

But I got everything else done (no more stops for brake light short!), met one friend for lunch and another for dinner, but did not move load #1 (see above). Day's too short!

What did I add in? Cooking potato-leek soup, cooking apple butter overnight in the slow cooker, baking banana bread. Cleaned out refrigerator. Oh, yeah.

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