Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Night Jitters!

Last night was the "preview" night for my students' playwriting festival of staged readings.

It was a tough day for me: I got a ticket (from a policeman who looked like Anderson Cooper) which was completely justified, I got a call from another university about an interview, I missed yoga because of the last two events, and I got my teeth cleaned. Individually, not huge; as a group that all occurred before 1 pm... tremendous.

But last night was great. We had a strong audience of about 60 people (roughly 1/2 the theatre--which was about 30 more people than I thought would show up) and the talkback was successful. About 20 people stayed to talk and share. The performance was slow, but I think the audience enjoyed it anyway.

Tonight is the "opening night" and the play is one of my favorites. Actually, it's like having children: you love them all, as individuals, no matter what, with no favorites.

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