Friday, March 11, 2011

Final day, Final performance

Well, my students' "7 plays in 12 days" is coming to an end...

I am ready! Spring Break starts tomorrow, and I can enter it with the distinct satisfaction of successfully shepherding seven playwrights through the revision/performance process to completion.

Meaning: a return to my own work!

I plan to start with a return to routine writing times throughout the week, with simple daily goals.
  • writing 5-6 pages daily on my novel-in-progress
  • drafting 2-3 abstracts for autumn conferences
  • outlining and researching the paper I am giving in May in Boston
My plans for the break seem ambitious, even to me. Since I am building in naps (lots of naps!), reading for pleasure (lots of pleasure! Lots of reading!), and exercise in the forms of walking and biking, it also seems do-able and sane.

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