Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Apartment photos

Looking from front door to dining room window. This picture mostly showcases the great condition of the hardwood floors, which are original, not new laminates.

Looking from dining room window to front door. The windows are larger than in the old place, as are the rooms. This is an overcast afternoon, about 5 pm, and you can see -- lots of light! The downstairs wal;s are a kind of boring taupe, but the molding and floors are lovely. With curtains and furniture, it will look less beige-y and very nice.

The wet bar. Swanky, n'est-ce pas?

The kitchen. The walls are a yellow-y tan but everything is in good condition, and it is twice as large as my current kitchen. Counterspace, a double sink, a pantry closet, and (where I am standing) room for a chair, rolling kitchen cart, or storage shelves. And plenty of outlets--deal-breaker, since I am currently in a kitchen with one outlet and a bathroom with one outlet.  More outlets, pleeeze!

Standing in the far corner of the outdoor private patio. Enough space for two chairs, a small table, and lots of potted flowers. Morning reading/coffee space. Oh, and bike storage! I want to add a bird feeder, too, so Jack can sit in the dining room window and get some eye candy.

Outside storage area, on patio. Right now it is filled with "stuff" left by my friend, the owner. Not for long! Looks to be a great place to "store" patio chairs during winter, potting/plant materials, car needs, bike needs.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post the upstairs photos of the bedrooms and bathroom.

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