Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Break Plans 2011

  1. Start moving into new apartment. Which means cleaning new apartment first... since it's been empty for some time, it needs a bit of a freshen-up all round before I feel okay putting things on shelves, etc. I'll be buying and laying out new shelf liner paper in the closets, bath, and kitchen; hanging a new shower curtain; moving my clothes and coats into the space. I'll also be photographing the empty space -- because I know you're interested in seeing the "before" and "after."
  2. Read 3-5 books on my 50/2011 list. Yes, I said 5 for the whole month, but I am ambitious. Turn off Netflix/Hulu/DVDs and turn on Nook and books (a pile!)
  3. Ride the bike. The new apartment is 3 miles from campus (at most) which is a stretch for out-of-shape me. Time to get on the bike and work up to the 30-40 minute ride it will be. 
  4. Get back into my own writing timetable daily. Not just the blog but the research/historical study and the play.
  5. Take the car into the garage: oil change, inspection, faulty brake light, headlight, new license plates.
  6. Nap every day.
  7. Play with Jack. In fact, drive him crazy with attention!
  8. Go to the movies with friends. Probably Rango, The Adjustment Bureau, Just Go With It.
These are humble, happy plans. Lots of sleep, lots of cooking, lots of good food and friends.

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