Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Job

Yesterday I had a phone interview for what might be the perfect job... not to jinx anything, which I definitely believe in. (After all, look what happened when I asked the universe to get me thru to Monday with the car!)

I say "the perfect job," but I have learned in my life that no job--like no man--is perfect. Just maybe "excellent" or "intriguing" or "compatible" are good, at times. Yes, you want the zing but you also want the substance... sigh.




Baker Boy?

I think I got off-track... and while Michael Kitchen's Christopher Foyle is definitely substance he certainly has zing, or at least sizzle, while Depp's bad boy zing has given way to... substantial settled-down Daddy? And who could complain about a Baker Boy who grows up to be The Dude... or is it the other way 'round?

And this was the guy I first noticed--remember him, in that truly terrible KING KONG?--caught my eye as an early version of The Dude. So cute. Seriously.

Wow, I am waaay off-track!

What's so great about this possible new place? Location and size, first of all. Engagement and politics, for second. The possiblity of teaching everyone from undergrads to doctoral students. Taking my "show" to a new location and crowd and trying it out, after a few years of not being quite so appreciated.

How did it go: I would give myself a B+/A- (but I am a hard grader, after all). They had five questions which were more creative than I expected--which was a bonus in my column. That's not a reflection on them or my opinion of them--just an observation that most phone interviews are as interesting as white cheese.

Cross your fingers, and hope that I get a callback.


  1. fingers crossed, I hope you get a callback. I would say, based on all the beefcake, that you are feeling good about the interview.

  2. Best of luck Pearl- I am rooting for you! And this post made me laugh out loud btw :) xx


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