Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break, Day Six!

Today will be interesting:

12 noon -- phone interview
2 pm -- take load #3 to new apartment
2:30 pm -- car inspection
6:30 pm -- feed cat for friend (do another load of laundry? Dare I?)

Plus miscellaneous grading/noting/reaidng of student work. I completed Book #3 of my week, this time an audio-book.

Yesterday: I rode Bella throughout the 'hood, and it was grand. Perfect weather, little traffic (at 1030 am on the mean streets!), and easy going. Today plan to ride again, farther. I also took a load to the new place as well as photo'd it. Bumped the bumper of a parked Lexus, left my number and name--he called me this mroning to assure me there was no damage and to welcome me to neighborhood! Well, how nice! And good karma for my interview, I think: the universe is watching!

Felt sleepy all day yesterday--which was why I took an impromtu bike ride! I still have so much to get done by Sunday night, but am glad I changed my plans to visit a friend in DC (talked to her and hope to god later in April; good news about her mum as well!), to do the Big Move early in the week (really happy about that one!), and general slow-down on move.

Since I am decluttering while I move, filling the car to haul stuff from here to there has to be a more thoughtful process than previously, when I was doing it all in a couple of weeks, prior to the move of the "big stuff". This is a more civillized practice, forcing me to examine everything prior to a/ moving it, b/ moving it into the new place and finding it a place, and c/ helping me make the new place home as I move, rather than simply slinging it all into the space, as I did five years ago when I moved into this place.

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