Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekly Frugality Report

Not a great week for frugality, last week, which I blame on being smack in the middle of the current intense student project.
  • From the $80 I withdrew for groceries and meals out, I did have $3 left over, which went into household cash
  • $15 deposited in savings account, based on coupon/sales savings
  • The increased retirement savings went into effect, which put $250 extra into my future every month
  • I acquired a traffic ticket, which will cost me money
  • I missed a yoga class, which was #7 in the series of 8; time to pay for a new series

Unfortunately, when this project crops up annually, I find myself running from class to performance to rehearsal every day... which certainly affects how I eat and spend. The added complications of guest artists and job candidates just play with my time further. This week will probably be the same.

Next week is Spring Break, and I'll literally be able to go on a spending and food diet.

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