Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Apologies... and a treat (hey, it's the holiday season!)

I've been neglecting the blog posts, because I've been:
  1. writing and delivering 40 individual evaluations for my undergraduate students, as well as wrangling 3 sets of evaluation meetings between faculty teams and 50 individual students
  2. giving a review and final exam for 29 students
  3. collecting, reading, and grading plays by 10 adult students, 9 juniors, and 3 seniors (total of 36 short plays and 3 long plays)
  4. reading and evaluating 100 applications for 1 job opening
  5. ordering books for next semester's classes
  6. creating end-of-semester handouts to demonstrate to students what skills and knowledge they have accrued over 15 weeks
  7. developing surveys for each course to help me plan improvements for next fall
  8. oh, and attending three holiday parties...
Not much. Sigh. it always makes the holidays so stressful. But the evaluations and exams seem to have gone very, very well.

But in the spirit of giving, here's a treat.

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