Saturday, December 10, 2011

Past posts, this blog + Holiday Treat!

Previous posts, this time in years past. I notice big gaps: could that be because of the mix of exams, evaluations, and simple overwhelming end-of-semester hoops to jump through? Could be.

Today I am at the coffee shop, working on grading the final exercise of my sophomores, reading and evaluating the work of my adult writers and compiling/posting their grades, and writing the first few of my evaluations for my sophomores (to be given Monday). Oh, and answering questions from same about their grades/standing and/or what will be on final.

2008: Christmas decorations in Paris, end of my sabbatical.

2010: My wish list for last year. I actually ended up with most of these, bought for myself.

My Christmas shopping is nearly done:
  • DFW friends -- complete! including hostess gifts from Dude, Sweet Chocolate (Bishop Ave. District)
  • Distant friends (to be sent by mail) -- in process
  • Nephews -- yes, more gift cards bought with acquired "reward points" from various accounts
  • Dad -- not yet done
  • Mom -- done (including birthday)
  • Sister -- done (including birthday)
  • Brother-in-law -- gift card, done
Wow, do I feel ahead of the game. (Satisfied, calm breath....)

Treat = Bruce singing Christmas song!

Better watch out!

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