Thursday, December 22, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Finally, I am home--at my folks' house--for the holidays.

Sadly, thus far I have mostly been dealing with my out-of-whack sinuses, decorating the tree, and sleeping. But those are my regular "first days' home stuff," in fact, where I catch up on what I've been missing: sleep, regular meals with nutritional food (Fig Newtons and pickles are not approved!), and TV.

I admit: mostly bad TV, which occasions comments and sighs from parents sitting in the same room.

No, they don't like the Kardashians. They are horrified by RHBH. The Vampire Diaries make them wince, as do NCIS marathons, What Not To Wear, and various other pop culture shows I love--in small, moderated doses. But since I am sharing the consistent round of news and game shows--hey, I figure we're even, since those are at the bottom of my list along with sports and talk shows. Part of the holidays is remembering why we love each other but don't live together: TV is one big reason.

Of course, we all love The Closer.

Good news: three TVs in-house. One downstairs, one in living room, and one in master bedroom.

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  1. Hooray for the three TV's! Last night I sat through numerous sporting events, when all I wanted to watch were Christmas Movies - specifically The Muppet Christmas Carol. Oh well, there's always next year.


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