Monday, December 5, 2011

One more time... and Hoagy Charmichael treat

Well, it was a weekend full of crazy student plays and grading and sleeping--finally! The weather here in Big D has turned "winter-y": meaning it is a constant cold, damp rain that seeps into one's bones and takes root.

Crazy woman that I am, I still have my bedroom window open... for fresh air. I sleep bundled under two quilts, one regular and one down. In flannel pjs. And socks. And I love it!

The downside is that when not bundled in quilts, one must wear sweatshirts and other generally bulky, warm layers... resembling the Michelin Man (or L'Homme de Michelin, if one feels the need to become more elegant). Not usually a good look, but at home? Alone? Who cares.

I am now in the end-of-semester part where a/ students finally realize what the math means; b/ grading must be done quickly so as not to pile up; c/ every day has some kind of final, evaluation, or meeting scheduled, which must be handled before I spend the holidays at my folks' house...

The treat: Hoagy Carmichael himself playing "Stardust" on the piano. Sublime!

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  1. OMG!!! This is my favorite song. I love Hoagy.

    I've never seen him and Stardust, his best composition, on any other weblog.


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