Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday transformation

Today I cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen, which was my monthly cleaning of same. Plus the cat's litter box and water fountain.

Then I changed the bathroom decor. Well, hung a different shower curtain and put out my guest towels. The shower curtain is a white on white leaf outline print and the towels are white spa towels. Now my bathroom looks like a spaaaaaaaaaaa--aaaaah. Yeah.

I put away the bright yellow/red flowered paisley curtain and yellow towels. Oh, and red toilet cover.

Serene, bright, light and springlike.

I also bought plants--again. A peace lily, three cacti, and three red geraniums. Always red geraniums! They'll die once August gets here, in the heat, but until then. Time to replant, repot, and make the house green again, I guess.

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