Friday, April 27, 2012

No wonder I'm tired!

At the end of April, I find that I have accomplished the following just this month:
  1. produced a festival of staged readings for six original plays by my students;
    • including guest artists that I recruited and hired for the project;
    • including original music compositions stemming from a collaborative class with student composers, that I initiated.
  2. intiated and mentored the successful submission process resulting in $7,000 in grants and $5,000 in awards to playwriting students for community/creative projects.
  3. directed the Ama Ata Aidoo reading at the international-scope African Literature conference on campus, in front of Aidoo just prior to her talk on human rights.
  4. mentored the staged readings of three ten-minute plays inspired by Joan of Arc for a Medieval Studies/English/Women's & Gender Studies/Creative Writing class, a project in play for a year.
  5. dramaturged an original play at one of the top local theatres.
  6. completed three upperclass courses successfully.
  7. found and rented an apartment in Paris for June, and made/confirmed all my travel plans to home, Paris and Oxford this summer.
  8. deferred my taxes, paid my traffic ticket, joined Women in Film and completed my Search Committee assignment.

My reward?

I mean...

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