Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playwriting Festival 2012

This week is our playwriting festival. This year I am producing three long plays and three short plays, while directing the staged reading of one of the longer pieces.

As usual, I feel stretched in five, twelve, eighteen directions... but still foolishly relaxed.

We have six playwrights, six directors (two professionals, myself, and three students), six stage managers, and twenty-eight actors, including an 11 year old boy. And two students operating  the sound and light boards. So, a lot of people involved... but no production values beyond the work of the writers, directors, and actors: no costumes, lighting effects, properties or sets.

But in a very exciting way each play has evolved beautifully. Starting tonight, I'll be in our theatre five to six hours each day, either prepping or watching plays--sometimes two per day. This is the wrap-up to the student writers' experience as developing playwright over four semesters. As their teacher and the producer/co-ordinator of the event, this is a Big Deal.

This weekend is our kick-off. By Monday I'll sort of, maybe, possibly be back to normal.

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