Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Quarter Goals

Late but not forgotten.

My goals for the first quarter of 2012 were simple: get my finances in order, take care of the details for my summer travel, and get myself out of a rut and into a productive cycle at work.

All completed successfully!

Financial goals:
  • I met with the reps for each of the retirement funds where my money is located and had productive information meetings. I feel great about the status of my current funds.
  • I have slight adjustments to make with one fund: transforming a general fund into a Roth IRA to forward my plans to build a swanky retirement home: TBD.
  • I worked to get credit cards paid off, and have currently only two outstanding bills.
  • I donated two printers and a laptop to charity, getting them out of my house while earning a tax credit.
  • I transformed two discount coupons into cheap yoga classes for April-May, thereby forcing myself to exercise while saving about 80% of the possible cost.
  • I found and signed a lease on an apartment in Paris for June, using my savings to pay for the trip--as planned.
  • I scheduled my flights, including the ones with the cat, roundtrip to CDG/Heathrow and back as part of my summer course payment (no cost to me but the cat's flights and suitcases).
  • I maintained a strict weekly budget on my groceries, making it for all but two weeks of this quarter.
  • Taxes for 2011: I will meet with The Tax Man prior to summer travel to handle this.
  • Roth IRA: I will also handle this prior to summer 2012.

Summer Travel:
  • Apartment in Paris: check.
  • Flights: check (including the cat!).
  • Chunnel tickets: check (not yet received, but bought).
  • Class for July: a May 2012 project.

Work, Rut to Productive:
  • Aidoo reading completed for African Literature conference: check.
  • Playwriting students brought together with music composition students, resulting in original music for original play performances: check.
  • Short Joan plays performed in Medieval Studies course on Joan of Arc: check.
  • Original playwriting festival staging six plays with 28 actors, 6 directors (2 professional, 1 faculty, 3 students), 6 stage managers, 2 crew, and 6 happy playwrights: check.
  • Students earning grants for community-based arts project with award-winning playwright and documentary filmmaker for one month this summer, total of $7K: check.
  • Course filled with non-majors with positive response: check!
  • Internship developed for studentwith film shoot in Louisiana: check!
  • Book reviews for two journals: check!
  • Entries for encylopedia on performing arts: check!
  • Contract for summer course: check!
  • Proposal for new fall 2012 night course: check!
April through June: focus on health and creativity.

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