Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Packing for Paris... and Oxford

I'll be on the road this summer for two months: one month in Paris, where I'll be in the archives most days, and one month in Oxford where I'll be teaching.

Paris... June

Oxford... July

What will I pack?
  • Based on my trip in 2010, June in Paris will be HOOOOOOOT.
  • Based on 6 trips to Oxford, July in Oxford and England will be hot/cool/rainy/sunny.
  • I'll be giving a paper at an international conference at University of Exeter.
  • I'll be staying on the fifth floor (walk-up) in Paris and the first floor in Oxford.
  • I'll be buying books, shoes, skin care products, accessories, and clothes in both places.
  • I'll take one mid-size suitcase, one backpack, and the cat to NY.
  • I'll take one mid-size suitcase, one backpack, and one pliage from NY to Paris.
  • I'll probably be taking two suitcases, one backpack, and the cat from NY to Big D.
Paris requires clothes for the daily trip to the archives, or to museums, sight-seeing, and cafe-sitting.
Oxford requires clothes for teaching, day trips, high table/guests, and the conference in Exeter.
My neutral is always black.
I never wear shorts.

I take one dress for High Table/conference meetings, and mix it up with accessories and shoes.

The gym I join in Oxford requires a bathing suit for the steam room and whirlpool (thank goodness!).
Besides clothes, what do I need?
  • laptop plus hub/thumb drives/mouse/cords
  • camera plus USB cords
  • Nook plus USB cords
  • iPod plus cords
  • cellphone plus cords (buy a UK one there)
  • books for class
  • ethernet cord, international plugs
  • Longchamps Pliage backpack, briefcase, and tote
  • presentation folder for conference paper I am presenting in July

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