Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday: If I were in Paris... Friday, August 12, 2011

Since it is a beautiful 77 degrees in Paris I might just go for one of the Paris Walks guided tours. I am not someone who usually does this, but it might be a great way to see parts of the city or elements of the city I usually rush past. And at 12 euros, this is a worthwhile way to spend a couple of hours.

Every Friday they hold Hemingway's Paris and Village of Montmartre. On Saturdays, they give the Marais Circuit 1 plus two "irregular" tours -- this week, The French Revolution: Palais Royal to Place de la Concorde and The Two Islands. Yum. Tours run everyday and last two hours. Get out and enjoy the Paris sights.

Okay, here is something crazy that I might just go to. L'Art de l'automobile, sponsored by Ralph Lauren, ends on 8.28, at Les Arts Decoratifs, on Rue de Rivoli. Not just sponsored apparnetly this is all stuff drawn from Lauren's personal collection, which is one of the major car collections of the world. 17 of Lauren's cars from 1930 to the present are on display. All European models, of course. Here's the website Lauren made that accompanies the exhibition. Ohhhhhh, the cars! Yes, they are beau-ti-ful.

My question: can I test drive one of them? (And I know which one!)

The same museum has the exhibit, La Publicite Recycle L'Histoire, also closng 8.28, which shows the ways in which posters and films recycle history. Fascinating! And the French do a lot of this, having even mroe history than we do.

Super Friday! And yes, I'd follow or mix that with a lovely lunch in the Tuileries.

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