Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Tish at A Femme d'Un Certain Age today included my 6.15 post on packing as well as my comment in her lovely blog.

I must admit: packing and thinking about packing has gotten easier since I purged my closet. It took moving and eight months of hemming and hawing, but in May when I came to pack for a 10-day trip that included a conference in Boston, a very casual visit to my family in New York, and a visit to old friends in D.C. with a day of museum-hopping, I had a well-pruned summer wardrobe that could be fitted down for each event. I'll be reliving this process for an upcoming weekend conference in Savannah this September, a four-day trip that will combine giving a paper and mingling with other academics with touring Savannah's historic and gastronomic sites.

I look forward to holding the same kind of purge for my winter-fall wardrobe, but since "fall" begins somewhere around October 20 here in the Big D, there's no rush.

It has made a huge difference not to have excess or--better word!--superfluous clothing in my closet. It also makes a difference to have everything in there ready to go in terms of fit, repairs, and cleanliness. Small, consistent progress and, in some cases, simple attention to detail make it so easy without stealing time and energy from me.

Should I say now that I am returning two pairs of sandals I ordered on-line because once I got them I realized they were both impulsive buys and superfluous? Why not? Pretty but unnecessary additions to my working wardrobe.

What did I add to my summer wardrobe in 2011?
  • a vintage scarf bought on Etsy that depicts Greek tourist spots (turquoise, orange, and white)
  • a brown skirt with white trim from Coldwater Creek, on sale
  • a green skirt, same source, same sale
  • a white Tignanello purse, bought on Ebay
  • an orange canvas/brown leather tote bag, found & free 
That's it. Surprises me to say that, as usually I feel some huge gap that needs to be plugged. Not so this summer, apparently.

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