Saturday, August 27, 2011

What to Wear? Some notions

According to the NYTimes, we're headed back to the 70s. Their recent slide show (Thursday's edition) looks even better online, but here's a few of the choice looks I'd like to adapt for me.

Ferragamo--love the coat over the skirt/blouse combo

Jacobs' plummy pantsuit: my favorite!
YSL's le smoking, in white
Ferragamo, again: pinstripes
This is Ralph Lauren pinstripes (ignore the decor stuff)
Michael Kors pantsuit
The chiffon and georgette blouses give me pause, but the sexy menswear adaptations I love. The surprisingly clean lines, pinstripes, charcoal tweed, black-and-white combinations with pops of colors: all great. And don't ask me why the purple velvet pantsuit is my favorite: it is so very not Oscar Wilde in a poet's suit... and yet it makes me think of  this:

And this...


Deneuve with YSL: muse and designer
I think the plum pantsuit has a combination of color, fabric, and line that really does it for me. But the Kors pantsuit makes me wish I had those long legs...

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