Thursday, August 25, 2011

Express Closet Experiment, Week 1 & Talbots

This first week of classes, meetings, orientation it has been a blessing to have a clean, edited, organized closet.

I was able to make a list last Sunday of what I wanted to wear each day, and follow it.
  • all clothes were washed and ironed, hung by item and color
  • only the clothes I wear are in the closet and visible
  • accessories were right there: scarves in a basket, folded neatly, and necklaces hanging on hooks inside closet
  • shoes are neatly lined up by the front door, where they come off when I enter the house
  • sunglasses are tucked in purse, also by door, with reading glasses inside carrying case in purse
I also pared down my makeup. I like a "no makeup" look, so I got rid of excess eyeshadows, lipstick colors, blushers, liners, etc., that I had lying around. Now I have less choice but things I love to use. After applying serums, eye and throat cream:
  • concealer under eyes
  • either cream moisturizer and liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer (lighter feeling)
  • pale champagne eye shadow (brightens tired eyes) with brown or blue liner
  • bronzer on cheeks, nose, chin
  • translucent poweder swept over all
  • matte lipstick (color) or gloss (neutral)
  • black mascara
This takes between 5-7 minutes. Since my goal is to look polished and simply brighter and better than naked face, this much is perfect. Pop the lipstick and bronzer in a bag for the purse with a small kabuki brush, and go. I always carry gloss, which is a Sally Hansen product to add just a touch of shine and color, without glop. Best gloss I've ever found: no stickiness and no glop.


I have always make weekly lists of daily wearing choices, but now that I have cleaned everything up, I can find what I want, rotate beyond "regular" choices, and get out, dressed well, more quickly. This week, I am adding the possiblity of changing my purse during the week (thanks to purse organizer!) and adding a couple new pairs of shoes to my rotation as well.

And I stayed cool during the week, outdoors, inside the car, and inside the classroom! More important I felt good as a leader in my division, a teacher with new students, and someone with precious little time this week to fuss about my look.

I have also finally started looking at fall/winter weight clothes (hard to do when it is 107 outside!) and foresee a trip to Talbots in my future. Their merino wool separates look like they would fit my short, curvy shape--not looking like ultra skinny models, of course. But I am looking for a coat-dress ensemble for this year's conferences.

I like this long, shaped cardigan-coat

Tho sleeveless, this dress appeals

I like this better, but only possible in black

I like this skirt shape for me

Again sleeveless, but with above skirt and long cardigan?
I'll have to go in, try on a bunch of things, including pencil skirts, some in petite... there's a Saturday. And the possibility is of course, I'll have all new conference gear in black. I'd rather some color, like the dress color, but might not happen. In any case, these actually answer my needs for polished and comfy conference gear. Add a couple of blouses or soft sweaters, and I am good to go. Shoes, accesories, purses--all stocked up already.

Of course, I can only buy this if they fit, look great, and I'll wear them for another ten years with everything (or nearly) in my closet. Again, the classic style of these and the possiblity of black, dark red (my preference), or gray makes that seem not so difficult.

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