Monday, August 29, 2011

Last seen at Talbots...

Even as I said, I went to Talbots this weekend, and brought a friend. Applying my own techniques, I studied the website ahead of time and knew what I wanted when I went in. Almost immediately, I met a very helpful salesperson--Olivia--and shared with her what I was looking for and interested in.

The outcome:

Cardigan-coat: bought in gray

Dress: bought in same gray

Dress: Bought in this color burgundy
Plus, I took advantage of my 20% off as a teacher and 15% off for opening a new account.

I spent two hours trying on jackets, tops, trousers, and skirts, but essentially I came away with the best choices for me and what I need. And I saved some money (A lot of money!). This combination will carry me through fall/winter/spring conferences off-campus, as well as teaching and theatre/nighttime performance events. All of it can be accessorized with the shoes, scarves, bags, and jewelry I already have, as well as other pieces from my wardrobe.

And it's not all black! This is huge for me, as black is my go-to color. But this very soft, heathery gray can easily be matched with black (or navy or brown or yellow or pink or....) and the wine dress will easily work with numerous cardigans, jackets, and coats I have.

The dress is gorgeous. The picture here doesn't show it well, in fact, but it is a ponte knit that holds up beautifully while the dress is very feminine and soft in cut. The petite comes to exactly the right length on me. Both dresses surprised me, and I'll need to be aware of the right shaper undergarments, but with that in mind, I was thrilled!

Given that my shape and height are the opposite of these models, this combination is a great choice for me: professional, feminine, polished, and easy. What could be easier than a slip-on dress and cardigan ensemble?

One of the best shopping experiences I've had in a long time.  

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