Monday, October 25, 2010

7 in 7

This week, I will give back everything I have that does not belong in my house or to me. Especially those things that I have been meaning to give back for some (unidentified) time.

Example: the HP laptop My U loaned me for this summer because it is against our licensing agreement with Apple for us (academics) to take our Macs out of the country.

(Sidenote: yes, this is a crazy agreement/idea, where academics given laptops to use for research/writing/communication/classroom presentations cannot take same laptops out of the US for their non-US conferences, research, classroom/teaching, and other uses. The HP laptop I could take was 5 lbs. heavier, slower, older, with smaller RAM... you name it, it was a limitation. Why, oh why did we agree to this?)

I have plenty of stuff I have been meaning to return, or stuff I planned to shift out of the house to another location (like my office), or other excuses. Here's the bulk of it. My goal = one thing/number out per day.
  1. HP laptop (and case, and cord) from My U's tech (Monday)
  2. Mac AIR loaned by my pal (plus cord) loaned as "real" laptop for summer 2010
  3. Substantial group of student-written work that I am turning into a database and archive at My U's library
  4. Humidifier a friend loaned me
  5. Library books and videos I am done with
  6. Goodwill stuff piling up for two weeks, including crockpot and vacuum
  7. Clothes I want to take to local consignment shop
By next Monday... zoomed!

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