Sunday, October 24, 2010

When the Universe gives you a dope-slap upside the head....

Pay attention!

That's the lesson for this week.

Events that have piled up:
  1. By chance, met the founder and producer of a local women's theatre company in a different location of a favorite grocery store, a location I had never shopped in before and simply stopped on a whim.
  2. This same women's theatre is producing a reading of a play by a friend of mine, with whom I had lost touch.
  3. I googled her--my friend--and connected with her new blog... and in the 2 years since I saw her she's managed three blogs, a baby, and three cross-country moves... damn! She's also written a blog and a play about her experience, turning a topsy-turvy experience into wonderful stuff.
  4. I'm having drinks with former students tonight, arranged a while ago, all alums of the playwriting festival I produce... I plan to pick their brains re: new formation/energizing.
  5. I had coffee yesterday with a good friend and the outcome was a plan for positive forward movement... and world domination (as a by-product).
  6. Our "write-in" with Suzan Lori Parks was successful, where students watched a famous, award-winning playwright actually work... no glamour, no nothin' but typing... on an old orange typewriter... one page at a time.
  7. I met the chair of one of the graduate writing program and shared red wine with him recently... great connection for future plans...
More? I bet... yes.

Dope-slap upside self's head: stop whining and get to work. Set goals. Work on them daily. Stay on track, no matter what the nay-sayers, troublemakers, and high maintenance drama-queens do. Get un-stuck and stay that way. Be free. Laugh more.

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