Thursday, October 28, 2010

Express Checkout Experiment -- Week Two

Thus far, Week Two has been successful. I am not bored or feeling limited. Rather, it is one less thing I am worrying about in this two-weeek period of pressure on so many fronts. Again, because I sat down and planned my weekly wearing--oh, well, since there were only 15 pieces I planned the entire four weeks' worth of wearings! OCD, hello!--I know every morning what combination of pieces I will put on and what accessories, shoes, and jewelry I will add.

I usually do this on a weekly basis, but so much easier and quicker to plan when I am dealing with only 15 pieces.

And I feel good about what I am wearing, every day. Which is borne out by the reactions of my students and others around me.

Yesterday I wore my sweater dress for the first time. It was entirely the first time I had worn it, but as one of my 15 pieces, I had to wear it this week. I combined it with a thin black belt, black suede Maryjanes, and tights, a black tank underneath, silver bracelet and earrings, and a white scarf. Note: I did change shoes three times. I had planned to wear boots, but that look was too bold for me, right now. I changed to suede heels (they pinched!), and then to the suede Maryjanes, which I love and which were surprisingly comfy all day. The outfit is a different one for me, in that the dress is more form-fitting than I usually wear, and while casual, not "jeans and a shirt."

When I walked into my building, I met one of my students. She gave me a startled once-over as we said hi, and went to class. I was a little nervous, but when I walked into class, all the girls said, as one, "We like your dress!" Oh, how nice!

Then, I was going to my car to get something, I ran into the campus mailman, who is about 30. He gave me a "Hello" combined with a hot once-over. Well! Long time since I got one of those!

Our Big D weather is a touch too hot, still, for sweaters, so the dress and 4 sweaters I carefully added to my short list are still a little underused. Can't wait for this coming week--it's supposed to be a crisp autumn series of days.

Next week I plan to add underworn jewelry to the mix every day.


  1. Pearl,

    I'm your newest groupie. Wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent writing.

    How lucky we are you decided to share your musings and convictions with us on your blog.

    Merci mille fois,

  2. Love the argyle dress!!

    Weather has confounded my planning a bit. The forecast is one thing, but then when the anticipated cool down gets pushed 2, 3, 4 days, I have to rework the combos. I'm working with 12 items, and finding it just a bit constraining.

  3. The things about this dress is that although it doesn't look like it (to me, anyway) it is 3/4 sleeve and above-the-knee (glad I bought the regular and not petite sizing!). So it was surprisingly short and fitted, but in the end just right for a spark to my "regular" look. I also bought the oatmeal one (on the principle that if I liked it, two would be useful) and I do look forward to wearing that, as well.


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