Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just a warning!

Fall break is a-comin' this week, and I plan to accomplish quite a bit, both around the apartment and around town. Four days with no classes? Zowie! Here is the short list:

  • Iron Fest! (meaning simply iron my wrinkly but clean clothes)
  • Clean the inside of both fridge and oven
  • Autumn-clean house top to bottom (using Martha's tips for weekly cleaning)
  • Caulk bathtub and toilet (yeah, after 50 years, leaks have developed) 
Around Town:
  • Monthly Goodwill drop-off
  • Dry-cleaning drop-off
  • Car wash and trunk clean-out
  • USPS returns and mailings
  • Get Bella's tires patched and inflated: good to go!
  • Go look at houses for sale
  • Friday dinner out with friends

Like I said, the short list. There's more, dull stuff on the side. But yes, it is a vacation, and while my first desire was to go to San Antonio for a few days, my Frugality 2010 plan decrees that I try out the local "stay-cation" stuff. And I must catch up here, anyway.


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