Saturday, October 16, 2010


This week, I cooked very little. I had to finish off a few leftovers from the end of last week and I ate out twice.

The main dish I cooked was white beans and sausage, using three of the remaining Aidell links, in the variety of Chicken/Spinach/Feta Cheese. Using a little white wine, chicken broth, and herbes de provence, I got a simple (tres simple!) kind of cassoulet. Just shows one should always have bacon on hand: that would have added a great flavor as well as just being bacon. I am currently trying to use up all the dried beans I have on hand, as well as become a more proficient bean cook. Usually I simply open a can, but in the interests of frugality and flavor I am focusing on dried beans right now. I'm going to try this recipe again, and if it turns out a little better (more patience with beans and some bacon, less herbes de provence and more oregano) I'll document it here.

Cassoulet, real cassoulet is an all-day, multi-ingredient kind of dish that is completely worth it, but better to order in a French restaurant for me, right now. But it is a rich, hearty dsh that would be wonderful in the cooler autumn weather.

This coming week, I plan to cook Chicken, Apples, and Onions, taking advantage of seasonal offerings, as well as a different type of Pumpkin Soup. No beans this time. I would also like to use a real pumpkin,not canned, but again time is a factor. 

I also bought some great pears, and with the addition of some spice and bottle of red wine plan to make poached pears--again, a great dish in the crisper autumn weather.

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