Friday, October 22, 2010

Express Checkout Experiment follow-up, Week #1

Well, 15 things seemed like too much, but with the weather here in Big D being all changeable and non-autumnal (after I chose the clothes, thank yew!), a couple of things happened. First, I realized more tops were better because the heat requires that I wash them more in sweaty weather, and, second, 2 tshirts were not enough. Actually fell off the wagon today because I needed a black tshirt and had to go with a non-blank one (sparkly one I bought in Paris, in fact) because everything needed washing. I live in an apartment without its own washer-dryer, so use the complex one once a week.

If the weather gets cool again next week, I am golden, but if not... same deal will arise, because 5 sweaters and 1 silk top do not equal 1 cotton shirt and 2 cotton tshirts. Oops.

Despite that, getting dressed every morning was easier because all that I have in sight in my closet and my 15 items. Everything else is pushed behind the doors. And the second closet, in my study, is not even an option. I worked accessories--scarves and jewelry, as well as shoes--all week, and enjoyed doing it. The basic black of most of my items is balanced by the few color items, but still, the scarves and earrings and necklaces were the stars of the moment. And I felt great about what I was wearing, too: surprise bonus!

Made it easier to pick out the 5 items to donate, too, which stretched into more, including 4 pairs of shoes. I already have my eye on two dresses which seemed destined for Goodwill next week.

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