Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello, Universe!

Weirdly, since I started de-cluttering opportunities have emerged. Isn't that the universe signalling something?  Could be.

In any case, to date I've met a guy who overheard (listened to) some meetings with my students and is interested in getting me to write for his blog. Which is the blog for a local yoga center. Hmm.

Today, I got what might be an opportunity to profoundly change something that is actually stifling me. Something I believe in, but which has become a huge (HUGE) burden, especially as colleagues have baled on it. I have to go home, process, and consider the great, open, shifting possiblities... and how soon I can jump into them.

And this, just an hour after I urged my students to reconsider writing assignments as opportunities to write/create something, not boxes to be checked to make me happy/satisfied. Me, too.

I feel like I want to go home and fill three MORE bags with clothes, linens, and "stuff" to open up even more of the possibilities around me.

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