Wednesday, January 19, 2011

AT&T following up...

After I wrote a true but angry email to AT&T I got a phoen call from a... what? I guess super customer service rep, or something. Anyway, he tried to get me ito my account, and while he could get in (he assured me he was staring at my account on the screen), I couldn't. He told me, it was my computer. A-huh.

We cleared out my cookies, my browsing history, and still I couldn't get in.

Again he told me it was my computer and advised that I take it in to be serviced.

Nope. Told him I didn't buy it--I could get in everywhere else--and that he could fix it or I'd have to cancel my account. it was not my damn computer, it was their system! Oh--he could fix it. But it would take 2 days.

Surprisingly he got back to me in ten minutes, and told me that he'll call me today and we'll definitely get me into my account.

Sure, dude. We'll talk.

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  1. I'll venture that talking about it publically online has helped you get the attention you needed. Fingers crossed the next talk with a rep works. If not, time to do a YouTube video about it. :)


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