Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Goal #5 -- Seeing Creative Work to Closure

Last goal of 2011!

This issue of "closure" is double-edged: I have several creative projects "in process" right now, and my plan is to a/ finish them off successfully and b/ begin new ones. Yes!

This is again an issue of focus, in my opinion. Focusing on seeing a project through to the end and, by completing it, moving myself on to the next one. On the principle of moving one thing out, to move something else in.

I feel better when I am creative: when I write, when I research, when I do needlework and beading, when I cook. A spiritual de-cluttering, if you will. A ton of energy comes into my house when I am actively producing creative work, and, like my students, I need to work on the same stuff they struggle with:
First: perfectionism. Yeah, making work that is NOT perfect... but good. My mentor used to say, there's good work, and there's done work, and there's good/done work: aim for the third. Not "perfect" or "great" work--because that aim is unreal and self-defeating. of course, while it may turn out to be great, that's not the goal I need to aim at. I need to aim at "done": completion is my bete noire right now.

Second: focus. Oh, yeah. Removing distraction but keeping a place to work on each creative act. In terms of needlework and jewelry, that means organizing my materials so I can store them and work without messing up any workspace (Michael's, here I come!). My kitchen is minuscule, which means cleaning off the counter and (probably) getting rid of the pots, pans, and items I don't use (my beloved Wolfgang Puck pans!) so that I can store the appliances I loooove and actually use.

Third: process vs. product. Again, oh yeah! OH yeah. I tell my students--and believe!--that focusing on the process of the work will make the product great... or even just plain ol' good. And encourage growth  & risk (fourth thing to work on, in fact!).

Right now I've got one big project started... and plan to finish it by month's end.

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