Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Goal #2: Change my living situation

This one entails buying a house and/or moving to a new apartment. Life in the 'hood has gotten interesting, frankly, and moving makes sense.

Ugh, moving. It is always crazy-making, isn't it? Maybe a house will be a good thing, instead of another apartment--I'm kind of thinking so, but such a big commitment. There was a time when I thought buying an apartment in Paris would be my dream--and when it was affordable. Not so much, any more.

Philosophically, I know moving means getting rid of the excess "stuff" in my closets and my life, so I don't drag it with me yet again. It's been a pleasure since October to be in de-cluttering mode; the results have been so positive, and I plan to continue. I need to finish the Big Project I am on right now so I can move into selling or donating the items I've decided to release.

This also means I have to stop lurking on the 'net and actually do things like find a realtor, get pre-approved for a mortgage, and scout houses. I do know what I want in a house, but taking these steps means choosing a house, which seems so deliberate in some ways. The process makes me discover that, for me, buying a house or renting an apartment is philosophical.

But that's why it is a 12-month goal, something that will require lots of little steps and change and commitment on my part. A good thing, I think. At my age, I am also deciding whether I want to buy a "now" house here in town which is for the next few years, or a "future" house that will be about retirement. I've got a couple decades to go before retirement, but that house could be a vacation house, a rental, a part-time house, if I plan it well. Which is very appealing, in many ways.

On the other hand, given events around here, I may have to move quickly--like within the next two months. Which in some time would be a blessing: quick move, quick sales, quick decluttering... Boom!

Moving is a shake-up, given that one must find and adapt a new environment. Shake-ups are good, every once in a while.

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  1. Hi Pearl- Best of luck to you- I hope you achieve this goal in 2011... I know what you mean about actually getting started. My goal this year is to publish one of my two books and to do so I need to get off the net and get started! (I suppose I should go do that now :)


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