Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31 -- Check in with 2011 goals

1--Improving Overall Health: since 1.5, I've
  • signed up for and am attending yoga classes weekly
  • joined Weight Watchers
  • added extra biking to weekly scheme... still working on that one!

2--Living Situation: very recently, it looks as if by March 1, I will be in a new apartment, owned by friends. The advantages include:
  • 50% more space overall
  • HE washer-dryer included
  • an additional closet
  • outside, enclosed patio space
  • a bigger complex with more green space and no one looking in my windows directly!
  • still within 3 miles of campus and nice biking routes as well as easy drive
  • a swanky wet bar!
  • less rent! (which will go right into the IRA fund)
This means 2011 goal #2 will be resolved by March, and in a way that will make me very happy. Amazing!

3--Managing my Resources: working on it. Since 1.5, I've
  • organized specific daily times (3x daily) to check and send email
  • cleaned out 3 email inboxes and unsubscribed from multiple 'new sellers
  • focused my two-class-day weeks to allow 1 more day on campus for meet-and-greet with students
  • reassessed/assigned my retirement funding and IRA for improved outcome
  • continued to pay off credit card debt and not incurred new debt
  • made one Goodwill run, mostly clothing
  • bought no new books but downloaded free classics to my Nook (for 50 Books 2011)
  • started to burn CDs to laptop/iPod for selling
  • pulled out CDs, DVDs, and books for selling

4--Improving My Community. Since 1.5, I have
  • reconnected with 2 friends via email; now sending weekly quick-touch emails
  • made plans to visit one in march for long weekend
  • this week, contacted 2 friends on campus for drink/dinner meetings
  • connected a colleague into my divisional project and made a lunch date with her to talk about her project
  • reached out to connect 5 artists from local theatre scene into project

5--Bringing Creative Closure. Since 1.5, I have
  • started working on manuscript submission to publisher
  • already writing a new novel
  • started talking about a new on-campus project with one fo the colleagues I met this week
  • organized, bullied, spear-headed departmental project (via creative management) so much so that colleagues who initially pulled out and forced me to redefine the entire program now want back in to play in my playground!
Lots of "start-up energy" and circumstances. Hopefully, this will sustain me through the coming two months (crazy period!) and then into summer. I am actually surprised at how much has bee started and accomplished in a short time.

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  1. Your number 4 is something I need to work on. It's challenging when the bulk of my teaching is online to sustain my community.


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