Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well, I took a small sabbatical from blogging for the holidays. I used the time to think about 2011 and what I hope to do this coming year, for myself and the world around me.

Sounds rather grand, no? But I realize that I need to start to connecting outside myself, to making a contribution and a community around me.

I also determined to make my resolutions more focused and specific, rather than general. In part, this means defining my resolutions more specifically than in previous years. Why not? I am also thinking about my resolutions as goals, rather than simply things not to do. Embracing the process, rather than solely the outcome.
  1. improve my overall health
  2. change my living situation
  3. manage my resources
  4. build a stronger community
  5. see my creative work into closure
Looking at these now, my resolutions/goals sound sort of fuzzy, but I have smaller, more specific goals within each area.

For now, some pretty, pretty pictures of Paris in the snow.

These aren't my pictures, by the way, but culled from the web. Except the bottom one, which is a painting by Gustav Caillebotte. 

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