Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Favorite Things -- my new Nook

Stupid name, great product!

This is the Barnes & Noble e-reader, which I asked for and got for Christmas. Oh, a cute red cover which really does make it look like a book and protects the screen.
I really did fight the e-reader for a while. But... de-cluttering got me. Of my 50 titles for 2011, about 20% can be downloaded for free from Project Gutenberg. I can also now sell my classic paperback titles, freeing up several shelves in my living room. I cna also access free titles from Barnes & Noble, as well as from other sources. I'll be looking into e-books from other soruces as well; mostly, they cost somewhere between hardcover and paperback costs, which seems ridiculous. I look forward to e-books reaching their real costs (no paper, no type, no printing/shipping/storage... so why more than a paperback?).

I am also of the belief that soon/someday academic publishers will wake up and utilize e-publishing more and more--in fact replacing "real" books with virtual e-ones. Or at least that would be the smart thing for academic publishers--who are bleeding money for books no one can afford--to do.

But... I love it!

When I travel, I always load a bag full of books and/or buy lots of books while I am away (oh, yeah, Oxford bookstores LOVE me!). This will enable me to a/ load up on ebooks before I leave and b/ travel without backache.

My only caveat: the print is dark gray on light gray. Eyestrain, much? Yes. I would love to have the option to make it more/black/white contrasted for reading ease. But that's small... love, love, love the Nook.

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