Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The New Frugality: Smart Decision!

I am patting myself on the back right now because I decided to use my rewards points from various accounts to fund my Christmas gifts: gift cards from various bog box stores and sites like iTunes.

"Right Now" Pat: I have no credit card debt or post-Xmas hangover from buying too much on credit.

"Good Idea!" Pat: Everyone was happy with their cards! My mother got a B&N card, my dad a Home Depot card, my nephews iTunes, Best Buy, and Target, my brother-in-law Starbucks (which he likes but thinks is too pricey, so he won't buy there on his own--also signed him up for on-line rewards), and my friend AMC Theatres. Then, here and there, I also bought non-gift-card gifts for people with Christmas-time birthdays (like my mom and sister) or just because I found things perfect for them.

I used to think gift cards were a lazy kind of gift, but more and more it simply seems that people want to choose how and when they "reward" themselves with card cash. They really appreciate the freedom and seem geniunely excited about the possibilities of "spending" their cards.

A big "Whew!" from me, too, because expenses have emerged--as they do--but I am not sweating an increased balance anywhere. In fact, quite the opposite! I managed to pay off significantly more than usual in January and keep the debt-lowering train moving forward.

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