Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 1: Pack, close it up, and Jack

Today's tasks: Take Jack to the vet for his meds and airline checkup, close up the apartment, and run all those last-minute errands that pop up. Ugh. Y'know: mail, dry cleaner, prescriptions, etc.

What I'll do on Day 11 & 12: ride out to Versailles for an evening of Handel opera and an afternoon of royal garden palaces.

Already running: setting up  last meeting, calling London for theatre tickets, editing the manuscript. Must run!

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  1. What a wonderful beginning of your Europe travelling! Haendel at Versailles, you're a lucky girl.
    This summer seems to be one with nice temperatures and not too much rain, can't remember a May like this for years.
    Enjoy your stay!


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