Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1: Fate

The best laid plans... as Robbie Burns said.

Yesterday I figured out that I was going to spend part of this morning getting my car horn fixed and my failed inspection status fixed. Last night I figured out that I needed to replay my intention of seeing three short student plays after I started feeling bad after a pub dinner out.

Today, I cancelled my class (the last one of the year!) because my innards were still queasy and uneasy. I also cancelled the car repairs and the student plays.

Despite my good intentions, I spent the morning taking care of emails and writing, then crashed. I slept all afternoon on the couch, until about thirty minutes ago. Wow. I guess my body figured out that the semester was over, hence both the digestive reverb and the nap. It happens, fairly predictably.

I did manage to take care of the following:
  1. posting on my blogs
  2. emailing thanks to last night's guest plus notes to friends
  3. editing current ms.
  4. reallocating one retirement account's assets and transferring another's to a different type of account
  5. recheduling dentist, doctor/gyno, and vet checkups for Jack and me
  6. watching mama mockingbird in her nest
  7. taking the trash out
  8. washing dishes
  9. hardboiling eggs and making lunch out of a big salad with one of them
  10. making a shopping list for the drugstore or Target
Pretty good for Sleeping Beauty. T'morrow I have to be at the mechanic by 7:30 am, ready for a couple hours in a coffee shop with the laptop--no napping allowed.

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