Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ten days till lift-off

Each day I am assigning myself a task to complete prior to leaving town.

Each day I plan to discuss something I will be doing, seeing, to stocking up on while in Paris... just to enjoy myself in a pre-emptive manner.

Today's task: cleaning out the car and clearing off the back porch.

Today's discussion: FNAC. This superstore with the lowest prices is located on two levels of Les Halles and features books (in French, English and everything else), music on CD, films on DVD, and all manner of electronic marvels, including batteries, phone supplies, computer supplies, camera supplies, and video games.

What the BHV is for home housewares aand papergoods, FNAC is for communctions electronics.

I go to FNAC every year to shop for:
  • the newest French scholarly studies in my areas: French history of the 17th and 19th centuries, theatre, biographies, and arts
  • French-English dictionaries and grammar books (yes, I have them at home but usually buy a cheap one I discard in the apartment I rent: saves me luggage space and weight)
  • CDs of French/European opera and classical music (much wider selection), French cafe and pop music, French jazz, world music (all CDs work in American electronics)
  • any or all computer supplies: computer mouse, thumb drives, USB cables, etc.
  • cheap paperbacks in English (apply when necessary)
FNAC also has a ticket bureau for concerts, operas, and other events.

Why do I love FNAC? Because I can find the studies I need as a scholar side-by-side with CDs by world artists and French pop singers that I have a decided weakness for. I always find something new that I need or simply want.

Like the BHV, this store is a must-know resource for anyone who needs a camera, a phone, or anything like that or its accessories and doesn't want to drop mega-euros in tourist spots.

Sidenote: do watch your pockets and purses on the escalators and open spaces. Pickpockets cruise here in large numbers because it is on the edge of one small red light district and always filled with teens (shoppers, skateboarders, hanging out), and tourists looking for the fast foods of McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC, and others that some American tourists and all French teens gravitate to.

Don't eat in Les Halles or its square. Cross over to the cafes by the Centre Pompidou or the Place du Chatelet for better choices, prices and views. Five to ten-minute walk and so very worth it: the food is 200% better for fewer euros and the bennies of the view and staff attitude will make you blissful.

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