Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 6: Powers That Be

Today's task involves letting everyone who should know, know that I am "leaving town."

Today's discussion involves guidebooks for Paris. Not the kind you buy here, but the ones I buy there. Or have bought there, and carry with me everyday.

Pariscope: This is a cheap little weekly magazine that lists all the plays, all the exhibits, all the movies, all the places to eat and see and go and their times/locations/access points. Something like .35euros per issue, it can be read with basic French and is more portable than any website. To be bought at any newsstand.

Paris Classique, L'Indispensable: THE book of arrondissement maps, plus Metro map, plus bus routes, plus suburbs, plus RER. Plus everything else you've always wanted to know about how to get around in Paris. Cheap ones can be bought at any newsstand and are great for a two-week trip. For the long haul, however, I have a red plastic-covered version the size of a 3x5 card and 2/3" thick. I am never lost in Paris because I can always find anything in this book. This is my second; the first one busted after twelve year's worth of hard usage. I also have a cheap newsstand version that I loan out to students planning a trip. Yes, it's in French too, but you can figure it out.

What I'll do on Day 4 & 5: get up and go to the archives. Start re-familiarizing myelf with the process of entering Tolbiac, getting the materials I need, working for several hours, eating lunch in a little break room... and then heading out to end the day, knackered from working in a second language for several hours. Oh, and I'll probably buy myself some pencils: the pencils from the BnF bookshops are one of my favorite things.

It's not all glamour, toots.

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